Soul Love From Flamenco Benalmadena To You – Flamenco Classes

May 8, 2017

Soul Love From Flamenco Benalmadena To You – Flamenco Classes

Life these days is a soul rending experience. There is just too much to do. Technology helps us but there is a part of us that just gets lost in tech.

Many of us seek comfort for our soul and a renewal of our passion for life and love in vacations to sunny sultry places like the Costa del Sol,Benalmadena. We expect the sun, sea, sand, night life, new faces, new bodies, shopping, and new scenes to reinvigorate our souls. We often return home just as passionless as when we left.

Flamenco Benalmadena was designed to create a renewal of passion. That lust for life that you have lost can be renewed. That desire for your spouse that seems to have lost its flavor can be stimulated better with Flamenco Dance than any drug. The natural sensuality of the rhythm of Flamenco Dance will renew your passion and revive your soul.

You will experience soul love. This is a love for yourself and the people who love you. You can find the thing that is missing from your life that makes you feel hollow no matter how much you have or how wealthy you are.

The Flamenco Dance Benalmadena is different. The experience is based on the concept of renewing the connection between your heart and your body.

Your master Flamenco instructors, Jaime Fresneda and Asami Ikeda, have a combined 10 years of experience as performers and instructors. Both are famous for the passion they bring to their dance and for the unique flair they add to Flamenco.

Classes are tailored to you. You will learn about the history of Flamenco Dance. Single day classes include training in Andalusian Flamenco and a professional performance. Most importantly you will get the feel of the passion of the dance and awaken the passion for life and love that you have been missing.

The unique training methods work for people of all ages. Dance feels good. Dance is fun. Dance relieves you of your inhibitions. Flamenco frees your spirit.

Other options include small group classes, private personal classes, a week long immersion in Flamenco, and a Flamenco Holiday just for two. The simple idea is to tailor the emotional and physical experience to your needs.

People who have never tried Flamenco and professionals who seek to gain more nuance and flair in their performance will benefit from this extremely personalized method of instruction.

Flamenco Benalmadena is reasonably priced for any type of experience. What is the cost of a continued passionless existence? Flamenco can awaken a fire in your heart and soul that you may have thought had gone out long ago. The fire is not dead. The fire just needs a little dance to be rekindled. 

Soul Love From Flamenco Benalmadena To You – Flamenco Classes

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