Why do we need to ‘Retreat’ – the Flamenco way?

October 17, 2016

Retreat Holiday Benalmadena

A ‘Retreat’ means to ‘withdraw and reflect’ allowing yourself to learn about your inner soul a part of spiritual formation.  

With Flamenco you can change your focus and deliberate act through setting aside some dedicated time outside from your normal routine, away from the noise and pressures of everyday social, domestic and workday responsibilities.

The feeling of Flamenco can be born inside you, it can help you to express your feelings and be part of a lifestyle transition and become a concept of life.

You should leave our ‘Flamenco Retreat’ with a new technique to cope with a busy lifestyle and which you can take home and impress your family and friends with the dance – Flamenco.

Flamenco Retreat

Flamenco is about the expression of life stories.  You express how you feel through the movement of dance and the powerful sound of ‘cante’(singing) and ‘percussion’ (rhythm).  When you understand the framework of Flamenco and give yourself quality time to develop your own technique, you can reconnect to who your are and rebuild your inner soul through the movement  of dance.

Time to Retreat and Express – sharing your stories and emotions is something which is not always possible with the demands of normal everyday life.

The Flamenco Experience – Is a 4 day fully focused Dance and Meditation workshop where people from all around Europe meet together to develop their own beautiful art of Flamenco.

It’s such a pleasure for Jamie and Asami to host these events on the Costa del Sol where they can watch visitors find their true colours and connect to a sense of inner joy.  Through dance they disconnect from their busy lives and just let Flamenco take over their spirits and open their hearts.  For more information on Flamenco Retreat Click Here

More importantly, we learn an empathy with ourselves – with our bodies when we dance, with our spirits when we sing. We’re reminded of how precious each moment of our lives is. Forgiving ourselves, we come to peace with the world and when we return to our busy lives we have learnt a new technique to dance with our soul.

Flamenco Retreat Benlamadena.

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