The History of Flamenco

July 23, 2016

Flamenco dance in Benalmadena

Flamenco began from Cante (Singing) expressions from the heart. The History of Flamenco began from the heart.

As Gypsy traveled all over the world, there was only one place they could develop flamenco and that was in Andalusia, Spain.  The Gypsies would sing Flamenco to express their feelings, the difficulties in life, death, loneliness, love and discrimination’s, they would tell their life story through song.

You can feel the History of Flamenco through the lyrics.

Ay los gitanos somos así…

Ay los gitanos somos así, somos errantes,

Es nuestra forma de vivir, no hay quien la cambie.

Recorremos los caminos, que nos llevan a qualquier parte

y en la orillita del rio, desatamos nuestro arte.

Oh oh oh, lalala lalalalala

Ay unos cantan y otros bailan y es luna llena,

Que se case una gitana, y esta noche vamos de fiesta.

Y en la noche sonarán guitarras, palmas flamencas,

y a la novia mírala, con un pañuelo de seda.

Oh oh oh, lalala lalalalala

Ay respetamos nuestras leyes como gitanos

seguimos las tradiciones porque el tiempo va pasando.

Porque son nuestras costumbres, las que Diós nos ha mandado,

en la sangre lo llevamos, el flamenco es el gitano.


We gypsies are like that we are wandering

Is our way of living and no one can change it

We travel along paths which lead as anywere

And next to the river, we show our art.

Ones sing and others dance and it’s full moon

A gipsy woman should get married and we can all go party

and at night guitars and Flamenco claps will sound

And look at the bride, with a silk handkerchief

We respect our laws as gypsies

we follow the traditions because time goes by

Because they are our manners, the ones God commanded us

In our blood we carry it, the Flamenco is the gypsy.

The Gypsies would sing about the suffering of life, they would sing about how easy it is to forget the good things and never forget the bad all aspects of life.


Traditional Flamenco is  a cante (song) the Flamenco dance is a more visual display of what is being sung and is transmitted through choreography.


At Benalmadena Flamenco, we take care  that we keep traditional Flamenco like the Gypsies.  We hold onto the  intimate connection to life, just how it used to be. Live in life of Flamenco.  No Stage, No fancy venue, No commercial.


Flamenco is living art form, Its for everyone who feels with their heart the history of Flamenco.

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