Things you should know to be a Great Flamenco Dancer

February 1, 2018

Great Flamenco Dancer

Things you should know to be a Great Flamenco Dancer

Important things you should know to be  Great Flamenco Dancer. People often get scared to dance in front of an audience. Especially those at earlier stages of performance. Do not fear dancing in front of people, have respect and love.

1) Love what you do

Flamenco is meant to be compartir (share) or shared with people. The most foremost thing is to love what you do. Otherwise it will be very difficult or impossible to share it with people / audience. How would they enjoy the music and dance when you don’t enjoy it yourself?

2) Enjoy Flamenco Music. It all started from a Cante (Song)

Flamenco originated from Songs. A song harbors very many secrets in its interpretation for you to be able to feel or get to understand. So that it can help you to dance with feeling. Therefore, you have to love Flamenco as a song and it is important listen to it quite often. If you are interested in studying Flamenco very well, it’s essential to listen to a lot of Flamenco Music.

3) Embrace Compas (rhythm)

If you like to dance to a song, music and rhythm, then you’re not just a dancer but also a good musician. Your dance will improve to a great extend the moment when you embrace. Enjoy flamenco rhythm and understand it. At Flamenco Benalmadena, You can learn Flamenco Cante, Compas, Guitar, and Dance.

4) Do not Limit Yourself to Practicing Flamenco at the Studio or Dance school

Flamenco is a lifestyle. You may learn the essential steps at the studio or dance class/ school but the real flamenco is wild. Vast like a jungle most of the time. It is not made up of systematic steps only, but an array of undefined activities since it is not choreographed. Therefore, the things you learn in class are not enough to master flamenco.

One should be able to understand what’s learnt and realize his or her originality. After establishing a solid base. You need to find color in the art, rhythm, how to express yourself and let out the feeling. All these mentioned cannot be achieved if you do not practice constantly wherever you are even at home or at work. You don’t have to put boundaries to flamenco. Just like How Flamenco Benalmadena’s  teachers Jaime and Asami learnt Flamenco.

5) Be Sensitive

Unlike robots or technology, Flamenco is an art, music and life so you have to be very sensitive to the smallest of the details. It also involves lots of feelings which vary rapidly with time. One should also realize that everyone is unique in his or her own way. Therefore, being sensitive is essential in achieving mutual respect and understanding. Compas / Flamenco is also accompanied with harmony so be sensitive and give a thought to what you listening to.

6) Have Confidence in Yourself at All Times

Never give up but keep trying. One day you’ll be fantastic in your dancing since we all learn from our mistakes as time goes by. Even the excellent dancers of today made mistakes in their pasts. However, they always remembered to learn and take lessons from them over time. As they say, experience is the best teacher so do not despair, feel encouraged, motivated and confident. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, but how many times you get back up and face your destiny.Believe in yourself and have the necessary confidence within you as a dancer.

Things you should know to be a Great Flamenco Dancer



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