Flamenco dance classes

February 6, 2018

Flamenco dance classes

Flamenco dance classes

Would you like to experience the ultimate sensation of the power of nature and Flamenco? Then all you have to do is make a travel plan to Benalmadena, Malaga in Spain.

The area is known for its beaches and the Puerto Marina. You can have an experience in the moored yachts among other amazing recreation facilities with good weather all year. You will make memories worth a lifetime together with Authentic Flamenco dance classes.

Add flavour to your holiday by attending Flamenco dance classes at Flamenco Benalmadena. They are very impressive people who will teach you not only to dance flamenco. Also how to feel the music and dance together. This special, traditional and authentic flamenco is not what you see but what you feel.

At Flamenco Benalmadena, you can learn how to sing, use a guitar, percussion, and dance. It is very essential to learn how to dance well in order master all the other musical accompaniments like percussion.

The classes at Flamenco Benalmadena can be done in both Spanish and English languages. Jaime is expert in compas / rhythm and of course, dancing especially zapateado (footwork). Asami teaches all the unique moves which are important for you to be able to dance amazingly on the stage.

This is the perfect place to learn Flamenco. Put your plans in place this year. Go to Benalmadena to realize the authenticity of Spanish and other cultures through Flamenco.

Apart from Benalmadena, you can also visit Granada, Mijas, Sevilla and many more beautiful places in Costa del Sol. There are also Spanish fairs from April to October. In April, they happen in Seville, May in Cordoba, June in Benalmadena, August in Malaga, September in Torremolinos and finally October in Fuengirola.

Therefore, you’ll relax as you enjoy your beach holiday accompanied by a soul soothing Flamenco Dance experience.

Flamenco dance classes

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