Find the beauty within through dance


Let the rythym and the music guide you through your journey.

Flamenco is a way of finding yourself, and free your spirit through art.

Feel the energizing power of music and dance through your heart and soul, by learning the traditional Flamenco

Flamenco workshop

Workshops are done at Flamenco Benalmadena once in a while but they also conduct them within the area and around the world.

They show you how to feel the rhythm and spirit of Flamenco and help you to find you own style. 

From the early stage, we prepare for you to be able to dance and understand the spirit of Flamenco.

For advance dancers  they prepare for you to perform. Techniques of footwork & movement to dance with your soul. Learn to dance at Flamenco Benalmadena.

Please contact us for more information.

Flamenco dance classes

Everyone is unique in a special way, therefore we have adopted classes to suit all categories ofpersons. Relax, because we will help you discover your own style from an early stage, throughfeeling the rhythm and spirit of Flamenco.

For advanced in Flamenco dancers, we will help you to perfect on swiftness, footwork andmovement by incorporating your soul in the music.

Our charges for the dance classes
Semi Private Group per person
1 hour
30 euros
Personal Private class
1 hour
40 euros
Personal Style Training
5 hours
150 euros

Awarded bonus packages are only valid within a month.

Please contact us for more information