The Essential Components of Traditional Flamenco

April 27, 2018

The Essential Components of Traditional Flamenco

Did you know the Importance of Traditional Flamenco? Practicing the art of Traditional Flamenco requires you to be real and express your feelings.Unlike technology which is rigid in nature, Flamenco is an art which should be free, expressive and cheerful.

One of wise words from Farucco’s Granddaughter who is also a Flamenco teacher stated that. It is very important to look amazing and love what you do. This is the ultimate key to success in Traditional Flamenco performance.

Importance of Jaleo.

Jaleo which simply means cheering and clapping is very important. It not only motivates the dancer but also makes the show lively. The right atmosphere for both expression and entertainment are achieved easily. Jaleo can boost your morale make you love what you are doing. Jalearte which involves cheering yourself up, is also an essential part of Traditional Flamenco. The audience will enjoy your performance if you show them that you too are enjoying it.

Taking time to do personal practice is highly advised. This will assist you to sharpen your skills and enhance confidence. Feeling good about yourself is everything in Traditional Flamenco. A good feeling will make it easier for you to express your emotions. Possessing the right attitude about the learning process is also important. A positive attitude is essential because it will give you the right mentality to learn faster.

Learning Flamenco is like a journey, go with the others. Provide encouragement not only to yourself but also your counterparts. The more you share and help each other, the easier and enjoyable it becomes. This can be achieved by practicing both Jaleo and Jalearte.

At Flamenco Benalmadena, you can have a great opportunity to learn a lot of things. They include the likes of Jaleo, jalearte, compas, playing, singing and dancing. All these skills will boost your Flamenco choreography and taste. Check out Asami’s and Jaime’s private classes and workshops.

The Essential Components of Traditional Flamenco

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