3 Things Every Flamenco Dancer Should Know

May 30, 2017

Flamenco Dancers

3 Things Flamenco Dancers Should Know

Flamenco dance is one of the most enchanting and sensual dances one can practice. It has a rich history stemming hundreds of years from the gypsy culture, and it is now practiced throughout the world. However, for those who feel they still need a little bit more in order to make your dance better, I will give you 3 tips you can use in order to improve and become the dancer you want to become.

Compás – Flamenco Dancers

The first thing every flamenco dancer should know is the compás. This may seem like an obvious one, but you would be surprise how many people are not familiar with the compás. As you probably already know the beat is one of the most important things in flamenco, without it, you cannot be in harmony with the other performers you play with. So every time you get the chance practice the beat, whether it is clapping, or knocking on a table, or simply tapping with your foot, you should do it. Make sure you internalize the beat until becomes a part of you.

The second thing every dancer should know is the guitar. No, I do not mean to learn how to play the guitar, that is not necessary. What I mean by it is to learn the sound of chord progressions, understanding falsetas and learning how to hear where the guitar is going to end the phrases. This can be done by listening to a lot of guitar and feeling the compás, since they go hand in hand. This will allow you to know where to put your dance steps in harmony with the guitar, and not feel as though you are clashing with it.

Last but not least we have the singing. Much like the previous tip I am not telling to learn how to sing. I am merely just advising to understand the singing; from the tonality to the lyrics, you should be aware of these factors. You do not need to know how to sing, but you do need to know where tones are going and have a knowledge the lyrics. This will be especially useful when identifying where the phrases end. Also, this will let you dance in harmony with the singing, and to not step all over the singing. This is something that you should pay very particular attention to, because the singing is the boss in flamenco, everything revolves around the singing, and as dancers we should not dance in conflict with it, instead we should dance in harmony with it.

In the following video you can see a very good example of how to put a dance step with the singing. Notice how Jaime applies all the concepts we just discussed and how it is very important to listen to the singing while keeping the beat. This also applies for when there is guitar. Of course, there are also the techniques you need to know, which come through constant practice, but you should always be aware of things I have mentioned when practicing as you develop your techniques.

This and many other things is what we teach in the Flamenco Benalmadena. Our commitment is to impart the knowledge of the authentic flamenco, so that you can perform it in an original and authentic way. If you like what we do feel free to contact us any time, we are ready to answer all your questions and assist you in any way we can.

3 Things Flamenco Dancers Should Know

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